The company PAX SA maintains and processes a personal database for the sole purpose of supporting, promoting and carrying out its relationship with its customers and providing special privileges to them.

The company PAX SA is authorized to transmit data in cooperating group companies in countries within the EU, where this is required for operational and IT purposes, or for statistical or historical reasons.

The PAX CLUB member consents to the above collection and management of his or her details and provides the company PAX SA the right to use these details for future member updates on commercial, promotional and other marketing activities involving the PAX CLUB and companies affiliated with PAX SA.

The company PAX SA guarantees the protection of all data gathered from any illegal access and unfair processing and use solely for purposes of marketing.

If at any moment the member wishes to unsubscribe from the PAX CLUB and no longer wants to receive information, they can call the phone number 210 6129933-4 or send an e-mail to the email address