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This is where it all started. If you want to be called an original burgerista, our store on Kalapothaki Street can't be missing from your route in downtown Thessaloniki. Since 2013, when our store opened in Thessaloniki, that's where all the streets for Burger lead to, with 100% fresh materials and 100% delight!

You're tired of shopping at the mall, but at the same time you have a desire for a delightful meal before you go on? Congratulations, you are the one we want! That's why you'll find us at the Food court on the 1st floor of Mediterranean Cosmos for an experience of fresh raw materials that you deserve. 

Since September 2018, you've been finding us in downtown Athens. If you love the rides in the center, then surely the smell of our freshly baked materials on the pedestrian Aiolou street will lead you to us! We also stand out for our urban aesthetic and hype atmosphere.

This could be also called as Pax Burgers summer edition! Greek islands couldn't be missing from Pax map, so from 2019 you'll find us in Kos for original, great pleasure! We've already entered the “to do” list of every visitor and local, so whether you're in one category or the other, you're forbidden not to check your list!

Best of

Cheesy Original

Original burger, as defined by its name.
The beef met the cheddar and they made the perfect match, hard to forget. Meet the familiar frame of pleasure along with beef and cheddar:
ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles.

Dirty Bastard

We talk dirty, but it's worth it.
But how else would you describe brioche bun with beef, bacon, cheddar, chipotle bbq sauce, beer caramelized onions, mayonnaise and iceberg?

Juicy Texas

Pulled pork at its best along with coleslaw, chipotle bbq sauce, american cheddar, pickles and beer caramelized onions! No more comments!

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Finely chopped fresh french fries accompany each dish.

Beef Patty

Our burgers are made of 100% fresh beef and baked at the time of your order, ensuring the most juicy and tasty burger in town.

Mεγάλη ποικιλία από σπιτικές σως ετοιμάζονται από τους σεφ στο κατάστημα.

Το ψωμάκι του burger μας ψήνεται καθημερινά, για να διατηρεί τη φρεσκάδα & τη νοστιμιά του.

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Delivery & Take Away is on!

Your favorite Pax Burgers are once again available on the stores of Aiolou and Kalapothaki.Time to get back to your most enjoyable habits!